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Contact and information

Last updated 26/01/2021

Online lessons are the only way to go during lockdown and they work extremely well. I have a complete studio in my music room especially for online teaching to make sure that every lesson is the best quality.

The pics below are taken from Skype lessons.
Tap or click on the pic to email me at
(Full contact details below.)

During normal times I usually visit people at their own home. When restrictions ease I will be very carefully starting a few selected home visits again. If conditions change more favourably I will move more towards face to face teaching. I will review the options and any new rules, as I'm sure you would, and then change to comply with them.

When the time comes for home visits I will have a clear face shield and also a mask if you feel safer. I also carry an 80 percent alcohol hand sanitiser.

Watch this space for details of any changes.

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