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Novel- The Girl Behind The Light
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James Hadleigh knows nothing of his past until he inherits property in Suffolk and a fortune from a mystery source. Soon after moving into The Grange, he notices a strange light rippling over the bedroom wall and he starts to have flashes of someone else’s life as if seen through their own eyes. An extraordinary girl on the other side of the light is connected to him in ways he could have never imagined and she needs his help.

The gentle and fascinatingly quaint world James finds on the other side of the light is not all it seems. The people there believe in witches, ghosts and demons. An influential religious cult is preying on their fears for its own ends, and worst of all, a great catastrophe is predicted. Fractures in reality are starting to become visible and the girl seems to have no history. Is she part of the problem or the solution?

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