Current Musical Projects

At the moment I am collecting ideas for some new music which will feature more of the analogue synths. I would love to perform them in public so I'm working with that in mind. Currently I'm moving towards the end of a huge synth-build (see Synth-build page) and that has taken a long time but very soon I will be putting my all into the music.

Please scroll down and see how it's going.

Latest Project
Currently just named "Art and Science", this is the latest project consisting of music inspired by the art and science of the Italian Renaissance and also some modern scientific discoveries

I obtained copies of a section each of the male and female D.N.A. sequence and I'm considering how I want to use it to generate music which carries the feeling of male and female within it as well as part of the actual sequence. This is easier said than done!

Soundfiles to follow in time.

iTunes releases on the way

I'm also currently working on putting together a recorded version of The Planets. This, along with Letters From The voyage will be made availalbe on iTunes and maybe some other platforms in the near future.

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